Group photo of bridesmaids, groomsmen, bride and groom
Wedding couple by the beach
Two brides holding wedding bouquets.
Wedding couple
Bridal portrait


I'm a Swedish photographer currently based in London and Jerez, covering the UK, Sweden, Spain and beyond. For me travelling comes naturally and I'm happy to shoot weddings abroad, not only in Europe, but also in other places.

My style is documentary or photojournalistic and I'm also influenced by fashion and art. It is a privilege to be able to document such an extraordinary event as a wedding regardless of the kind of ceremony, place or location. I'll do it with great sensitivity and dedication. I'm friendly and adaptive and I'll be in the background throughout the day. I'll do my very best to catch the atmosphere and emotion of the day, taking relaxed, “in the moment photos” not forgetting the details. Even in the arranged photo session I'll try not to direct too much (although some preparation and direction is always necessary of course). Simple is often the most beautiful and what is truly expressed from within will make real, stunning and unforgettable photos. I'll edit each photo to be delivered by hand, I'll use a mixture of both colour and black and white in this process. You will receive the high and low resolution images with usage rights, so you can print the pictures or use them online. 

An example wedding can be found here: Miami wedding

Please contact me for further information about my rates and packages or if you have any questions.

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